Ets Pichon Constructions Mécaniques makes prototypes, machines and tooling for the defense industry.
Our quality approach ensures confidentiality at every stage of production, from machining to assembly.

Ets Pichon Constructions Mécaniques is able to work with you on complex projects, from medium to very large dimensions, thanks to a specific organization and dedicated teams with expertise in your sector.

Ets Pichon Constructions Mécaniques can take charge of your entire new or renovation project: specifications, supply of mechanically welded parts, machining, surface treatments, inspection and testing. We are organized in such a way that you keep the same contact person throughout our collaboration.

Our experience enables us to master data security and confidentiality rules, as well as CSR commitments and the notion of work ethics.

Our know-how in geometric levelling and scraping, combined with our machining skills, enable our assembly department to work on high-precision assemblies for the arms and nuclear industries.

Parts produced

Our Achievements

Test benches for missile warheads, participation in the Leclerc tank program, presses for manufacturing ballistic casings…